What Is Glacae?

Glacae is a lobbying organization that works to advocate the legitimacy and rights of micronations throughout the world. We mainly work in a few English-speaking countries, but are looking to extend operations throughout the world.

We have a multifaceted strategy to accomplish our mission including:
1) Contacting political leaders at both local and national levels
2) Contacting business, union, and other organizational leaders locally and nationally
3) Specifically targeting small “UN Official” nations with micronation-related information
4) Building grassroots support from people uninvolved with a specific micronation
5) Promoting the idea of micronationalism publicly using media advertising, physical signs, and personal contact
6) Fighting against freedom impinging nationalistic laws at local and national levels
7) Using a large base of micronations to give them a stronger collective voice and power

Micronational Lobby